"I love it; it is awesome. It has a sweet start but finishes with a rye-like spice note ... incredibly smooth throughout."


— Cameron Gundvaldson, Head Bartender at the Fire Oak Grill



Looking out over the lazy undulation of farmland around a weathered barn in northern Illinois,

you could be forgiven for thinking that the landscape is less than exciting.


But focus on the 700-acre wood just beyond the golden pasture in front of you. The fireburst of fall leaves have already fallen and what remains are ancient sentinels: the sometimes solitary withered and gnarled oak and walnut trees.


Camping alone in those woods while growing up, your imagination could have a tendency to run away from you. Before you blazes a warm, snapping fire, but beyond that light there is darkness ... and it's holding its breath.


The feeling of being alone against the mysteries of the world is what led me to create Ghostwood. This recipe was inspired by—and for—that world, when the remnants of summer have given way to the bracing turn of winter and darkness lurks just over your firelit shoulders, causing you to smile with a hidden warmth.


Embrace the unknown.

—Lucas Perks, Ghostwood Founder








In early 2014, I was asked a question that terrified me:

"If you could do anything in the world, for the rest of your life, what would you do?"


For most, it's an interesting concept to ponder and dream about; for me—for whatever reason—the question struck a chord, and not a very pleasant one. I rolled it over and over in my mind, as if my very existence depended on the answer. Nothing I came up with seemed to assuage the restless feeling the simple query instilled. And then, I thought about making whiskey. Suddenly, a sense of calm washed over me and, although I'd always loved drinking whiskey,

I had never before considered that producing it could be a reality.


What followed was a long journey involving a 5-gallon copper still, a hot pad, a few dozen mason jars and some long nights of trial and retrial in the back of my family's Illinois barn, attempting to craft and refine a whiskey. A whiskey I could proudly point to and say was my very own; a whiskey with a background, a whiskey with a story.


The result was a distinguished 4-grain bourbon, but something was missing. The wheat I was using wasn't giving me the earthy tone I was looking for. It was too sweet. Thus began my search for the perfect ingredients for the perfect whiskey mash bill.


My sojourn carried me from the farmlands of northern Illinois to the many mountain ranges

of the northern Rockies and the rugged, rolling plains that lie between those snow-covered ridgelines. In south-central Montana, near the farming community of Manhattan, just northwest of Bozeman, I discovered Droge Farms, a family farm which produces a fantastic hard red spring variety of wheat that provided the exact flavor that my 4-grain bourbon was missing. Pairing this dry and earthy wheat with the sweetness of midwestern corn gave it the finishing touch I was longing for. 


Blending my fondest memories—and crafted trials—of the midwest with this superlative red wheat

creates a perfectly accentuated experience that is rich and complex.


Ghostwood is indebted as much to the greatness of midwest grains as it is to the hardiness of Montana's changing seasons and the combination that those two factors produce are what make this blended bourbon such an exceptional offering.


 Ghostwood Blended Bourbon is not only a tasteful pairing  of ingredients from two celebrated regions, it is a pairing of two great families from those locales—Perks and Droge—and a partnership that we hope will last a lifetime.




90 Proof Blended Bourbon Whiskey Limited Reserve                       

Premium 4 Grain  |  Never Aged Less Than 4 Years                         

Ghostwood Blended Bourbon is a whiskey that perfectly pairs

with the stories you'll share by the light of a campfire on a

dark autumn night. This blended whiskey is a classic

bourbon with added depth in spice, a mild sweetness

and is barrel-matured to absolute perfection.


The result is a signature bourbon whiskey without compare,

which flows warmly across the tongue, hints at pepper

and finishes with a rich spice cake note.

Color: Dark Amber

Aroma: Oak with hints of toffee and spice

Mouth: Wood, nutty, slightly buttery and earthy

Flavor: Oak, almond, toffee and spice

Finish: Warm, dry and uniquely smooth

Mash Bill: 52% yellow corn, 30% rye, 10% red wheat, 8% malted barley




"After my first sip, my eyes popped with surprise. Wood, nutty, slightly buttery and earthy. Very surprised by no burn at 90 proof. Well done for a new distillery."


— Tim Peterson, Whiskey Connoisseur



"The front is smooth and inviting. And it's got a bold middle flavor that I love but can't really describe. The finish is warm honey-almond with a smokey tinge on the very back end. It's damn good."


— Kory Pounds, Professional Cowboy, Cutting Horse Champion, Whiskey Advocate



"Ghostwood is a whiskey I could drink all day and enjoy."


— Grant Lambdin, Owner/Chef, Fire Oak Grill





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